Sunday, 9 September 2012


I believe that creativity is part of the essence of writing. This is particularly evident in poems and other similar forms of typography. Here is a video example of one piece of writing that I find creative and engaging:

This video is an example of "kinetic typography". I feel that it is engaging, humorous and unique, which makes it stand out. I have also attempted at creating something like this, and I feel that it came out quite well. Here is the link:

This piece of kinetic typography was mainly based on a poem I created entitled "What a Poem is Not". In the future, I will try to create more types of poetry and typography to share and learn from!

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  1. Love it. I am obsessed with kinetic typography, would love to learn how to use Adobe to do it. Just curious why you didn't embed your clip here? Great job on the blog and the clip.