Wednesday, 12 September 2012


When I write, I am usually stuck in a dilemma. Either I have way too many ideas and don't know how to connect them to form one story, and sometimes I have absolutely no inspiration and can do anything but stare blankly at an empty sheet of paper or Pages document. Another thing that I find a challenge in writing is "writer's block". This is when halfway through writing a story, I get stuck and don't know how to continue.

But its not all that bad, as when there is a will to get over an challenge, there is a way to do so. One way I like to do things is take a look at another piece of writing, such as a newspaper article, and change or do something with it. One such example would be a writing technique I learnt in grade 6, which is "blackout poetry". This is when you take any given article in a newspaper or magazine for instance, and cancel words out of it to create a totally new poem or story. Here is an example (click to enlarge):

As you can see, a news article was taken, and most of it was coloured in, only leaving a few words. I find that using this way of getting inspiration to branch off of in my writing is quite useful, what do you think? What do you do to get inspiration?

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  1. Great idea. I love "Blackout Poetry" And yes, welcome to the manic state of writing. Sometimes it ours out of us uncontrollably, while others we cannot force it.

    Remember the words, the art, the ideas are somewhere out in the universe, as writers, we simply must learn how to be attuned enough to hear them and write them down.

    Practice being aware and attentive. Pay attention to the world--all of it, not just the exciting bits. The world is begging to be written.

    Loved this post. Curious what others write as advice.

  2. I've done Blackout Poetry with this particular article before! I think I put it up a while ago on my weebly blog. It's pretty fun; and I agree with your statement that it's a brilliant way to gain inspiration.