Monday, 24 September 2012


In science class in school, we have just completed our first unit. The unit was on chemical reactivity, and it contained many new things, as well as a few things that were mainly review. Three things that I felt I learnt was how to draw a basic image of a atom's structure in the format of a bohr diagram, how the periodic table can be used for many more purposes that what I thought it could be used for, such as determining the number of protons, neutrons and electrons in any given element as well as the different types of bonds that can occur between atoms. These are covalent bonds, ionic bonds and metallic bonds. But out of these three, I feel the one I am going to remember is how to draw bohr diagrams, as I think that was the one that I could understand the best.

My favourite thing we did in this unit was the activity that we balanced chemical equations. This is because at first I had no clue how to balance any given equation, but in class we were given the chance to collaborate with our classmates and the teacher, and in the end I managed to grasp the concepts and now I am able to work out some moderately challenging problems! Even so, there is still one thing that I am wondering about. That is some concepts about the energy levels, as I know that the first ring can hold up to 2 electrons, the 2nd and 3rd can hold 8 electrons, but after that I am still a bit confused on the subsequent energy levels. But other than that, I feel that I have a pretty firm grasp on the subject!

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  1. Hey Marius its totally great post .What surprise me more is that you wrote that balancing equations was the topic that you found most interesting activity.Well in accordance with my chemistry background was terrible and I was atrocious at this subject especially balancing equations.I found it very irritating and frustrating with just having to play with numbers in a science class.It none the better than trial and error.Well there is more to this chemistry topic.You would actually learn valencies,compound forming,chemical name of compounds and many more.Cheers