Saturday, 29 September 2012

Think Again

Nowadays, we see our news feeds flooding with happenings thrown at us to read. Just yesterday I found "Three Hundred Killed in Syria in One Day, group says" among other distressing headlines. This leads me to think; what? why? To put it simply, why is the news thrown at us in the world headlines very often negative? Let's take a look, shall we?

You see, I have observed that people have a mentality to think in a pessimistic way. If I were to tell someone "Hey, there was an earthquake!" I would get the reply of  something around the lines of "Oh no! Is my house going to crumble?". But if this was told to someone who had a optimistic mentality, I would get a encouraging and maybe even a little bit inspiring reply of "How can I help? Let's go and help make the world a better place!" I might be somewhat exaggerating, but I strongly feel it is true to an extent.

Image Attribution: NS Newsflash
In conclusion, I feel that writing more positively (it might sound like I am contradicting myself because this is a pretty negative post) would enhance the whole way we look at the world, as we would be able to see news events from different perspective and not just the negative side that is given to us to swallow. Try it, think positively, and the world will be more colourful in front of your very eyes (not literally, but you get the point).

"How much of the darkness in our world is actually created by ourselves?"

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