Monday, 15 October 2012

Be Inspired to Inspire

We all have days when we are down. We tend to get lost in the mysterious world of sadness and misfortune, but how often do we think, how can we make our life better for ourselves?

Today on the radio, I was listening to an inspiring broadcast of a lady who's dog had passed away. She was sad for a few days, but after a while got back on her own two feet. How was she able to do this, you may ask. Well, it was because she asked herself; why am I sad? She then thought, I am sad because my dog is not there for me anymore. I am not upset because my dog had lost her life, I was upset because I was sorry for myself. Think about it, isn't that the case for some things in our life?

Another story I found rather interesting was a case of cyber-bullying. If you have been cyber-bullied, you will know how painful it is. You are being humiliated for something that you may or may not have really done, and are not given the chance to stand for yourself. I have watched numerous videos and case studies about cyber-bullying and how modern cyberspace affects us, but here is one of my favourites. It revolves around the concept of how one small thing, can change someone's whole perspective in life. Take a look:

How does that make you feel? Once I watched the video, I immediately had a different perspective on how cyberspace affects our daily lives.

So here's the question; How does being anonymous, or not seeing someone face to face give you the power to do things you would never do in person?

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