Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Recently in class, we went to the library to explore the reading possibilities for the next few weeks. So, today I am going to share with you one of the books I took out.

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The title of the book (as you can see from the book cover on the left) is "What a Plant Knows, a Field Guide to the Senses" and is a non-fiction book written by Daniel Chamovitz about senses of plants and how we can understand what plants are really like.

The reason I selected this book is because I have always been wondering about the lives of plants, as in can they see? and can they hear what I am saying? I was hoping that this book would give me some answers to these questions, thus letting me understand the flora that grows around us and is vital to our survival. In regards to my expectations of this book, I feel that this book will provide an opportunity for me to better understand and realize how the plants in our world react to us and what we do. I am hoping that this book will provide we with more knowledge regarding the "feelings" and senses of nature.

I have just started reading the book, but so far something that has caught my eye would be the way Daniel Chamovitz compares plants to humans. At the beginning, he described the "vision" of plants, and how it relates to humans that are blind, or colour-blind and how that affects their lives. One particular message that really struck me would be the fact that when one sense is gone, the others get stronger to make up for it. This is somewhat true for plants as they don't have eyes, ears or mouths, but they are still able to sense their surroundings. An example would be that plants are able to detect where the light is coming from. If you have ever observed plants before, they tend to grow toward the sunlight. This proves the theory I mentioned above. Even so, one problem that I feel might occur would be the facts and details going too scientific or specific that makes the plot hard to understand, but I feel that as long as I try and persevere, I will be able to finish the book and gain new facts and knowledge that I can apply to my future life!

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