Tuesday, 2 October 2012

True Spirit

I have recently read a story that really inspired me. So, I have decided to share it through the means of a simple visual animation I created with my adaptation of the story:

The Whiteboard

There was once a small community that was faced with many challenges and were as discouraged as ever. The residents of this community thought all hope was lost and did not want to go on. One day, the leader called a meeting and invited a speaker to give a talk. She simply greeted the crowd, and said, look at this board. What do you see? One person in the audience simply shrugged and said, a black dot. Everyone quickly followed suit. She asked with a perplexed look on her face, anything else? The people replied, no. She then said, what about the white area on the board. I am sure you saw that! The audience shrugged once again, more engaged. The speaker said, in life, we tend to overlook everything else other than the things that disappoint us or make us feel down. This dot represents the small things that we are affected by so strongly. As we just observed, all we notice are the shortcomings in our life, and continuing this, your community will never thrive!

- Adapted from "The Black Dot" by an Unknown Author

The reason I found this inspiring is because it used a creative way to express the spirit we should have and the way we should look at life in an ideal world. What do you think? Does this story relate to you in any way?

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