Friday, 2 November 2012

Hurricane of Self Disappointment

Just had the inspiration, not sure where it came from (still a rough draft, but thought I'd share it):

When you feel you're small,
you feel you can do nothing at all.

What used to be important to you,
now seems as distant as the sun.

But the days pass and things change,
you are stuck in a hurricane.

The hurricane of thoughts and dismay,
the hurricane that dictates your actions.

You struggle, but alas,
you still are helpless.

Helpless as a puppet dangling from strings,
helplessness that takes over you.

You can't see the answer,
you don't know how.

You are still stuck in the hurricane trapping you within,
within yourself.

The answer is obvious,
but you still are unable to find it.

You swirl, swirl like a spinning top.
You are dizzy, unable to tell left from right.

By the time the hurricane ends,
it is already too late.

Even though this had happened over a short span of time,
it had changed your entire perspective of life.

It had changed you forever,
just because of that one small thing that bothered you.

But what was that?

The answer is: yourself.

I am still working on it though, but any thoughts? I am currently working on a second part to it about how disappointment can turn to happiness, and will share it when I am done!

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