Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Back to Reality

So, the last three weeks have been full of rest and enjoyment (and of course work as well), and yesterday was the first day of school. What have I been up to you may ask, well, lots. I guess there is too much to describe in one post, so here are two of my highlights.

One morning, I went to the "ArtScience Museum" at the Marina Bay Sands to see an new and innovative exhibition called "The Art of the Brick". At this exhibition, there was a large showcase of sculptures carefully crafted out of Lego. Yes, Lego.

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Every piece of artwork had a meaning behind it, for instance the three sculptures on the left promote cultural equality and understanding of one another, as everyone's personalities and outlooks can be different, but we can get along just fine. The sculptures at the exhibition were all very meaningful and inspiring and made my jaw drop when I saw the "brick count" of how many bricks were used in the particular piece. The largest one at the exhibit consisted of about 80,000 bricks! I find that rather amazing! So if you have the time and are in Singapore, I would highly recommend this attraction!

Another place that I have been to was the Gardens By the Bay, also near the Marina Bay Sands. At this garden there is 2 temperature controlled domes that house hundreds of plant species from all corners of the globe, from orchids to cacti! When I went, I visited both domes at took lots of pictures, but here is my favourite one (also in the header of my blog):

Well I have certainly had a great holiday but it is nice to be back at school again!

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