Sunday, 3 February 2013

Is Blogging Useful in the Classroom?

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Blogging is a useful component in the English classroom. This is because it gives opportunities for students to express their thoughts, and write freely about topics they're interested in. In the past, teachers would set a topic, and students would drag to write about it if it did not interest them. Because of this a student who might have a keen interest in football, could be asked to write about basketball, which is dull and uninteresting to write about for that particular student. However, with open blogging, students can write whatever they wish whenever they wish, which in turn improves their writing skills at their own pace. Along with these advantages, by posting work on the blogs, students can receive feedback and comments in real time not only from teachers, but also from their peers which benefits both the writer and the commenter, as the writer would be able to improve their writing, and the commenter would be able to take examples from their peers and improve their writing as well. This is evident from the following quote "The nature of writing comments to a blog post, including the ability to preview your post, encourages self-editing and re-writing by students." by Tim Stahmer, a tech specialist. Even though I see all the benefits and advantages that blogging brings to a student's education, I might not blog as much as I would like to because of two reasons. One is the limitation of time, as work from other subjects might be overwhelming at times, leaving little time to blog. The second one I would have to say is the sometimes the fear of getting judged about my perspectives, therefore in the future I hope to slowly learn to put that fear aside and blog more freely and with more ease.

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