Sunday, 24 February 2013

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What is the What. The book that has sparked many controversies within students reading it. First of all, I have to say I am relatively enjoying reading this book, as it is interesting, educational and even quirky at some points. However the true meaning of the book can be rather heavy and deep at some chunks in the storyline that just make me want to put the book down. Its not that it is boring or anything, it is just that it can be a bit too much for my mind to process and handle (maybe its just me).

Through reading the book, I have gained a better understanding about Sudanese and Sharia Law, the cultures the people follow, as well as the struggle faced by many civilians due to the civil war. It has really made me think in a different perspective to what I knew about Sudan as a region filled with conflict and war. After reading about half of the book, I am now able to see the situations from the perspectives of a person who has been through the situation and not just reporters making stories about what we want to hear (not all, but quite a few).

There are just some things in the book that you love and motivate you, such as a line "I find strength in asserting what's right" in chapter 2, but others are just really "dull" and "overcast", such as the part where they are eating the elephant and starving to death that just make you think "How could they do that?"

I guess it all comes down to perspective and styles, but What is the What is a great book nevertheless, as it makes you think and gives you a better understanding of what is going on it the world. Really.

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