Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Year of TechLIFE 2013 Has Ended

So, yeah. TechLIFE 2013 is over, which is both heart warming and heart breaking for me. A year's worth work, has payed off. I my opinion, I think that TechLIFE was a success, with over a hundred students, coaches, teachers, gurus and organisers who came to learn, share, explore and teach. There were many student workshops, guru workshops and field trips filling up the 24 hours (if the first hurdle of staying awake for 24 hours is met), making the conference interesting, and full of interesting events. However I think the biggest hit of the event was the Skype-ing in of Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, that literally made the crowd go berserk!

Well now its over, and here comes the part of appreciation and gratitude, so here is the letter the organising committee gave to each participant:

We guess the best way to start a welcome letter would be “Hello”, right?

So, hello. We are not going to bore you with the “24 hour technology conference et cetera et cetera”, “by students for students et cetera et cetera” or how TechLIFE came to be (of course we will tell you if you would like to know), but what we would like to say is how much we appreciate you coming down to UWCSEA East for TechLIFE 2013, it just makes our past year’s worth of effort worth it. 

Through the past year, we have faced many challenges and points of frustration, as organisers of any conference would know, but this experience has really been meaningful, and almost touching to see how much support we eventually managed to gain. I mean, just look at the group; more than 100 participants, coaches, gurus and teachers who have come down to have fun, learn and explore for the next 24 hours.

We would also like to take this opportunity to especially thank Ms. Caroline Meek and
Ms. Nikita More for putting in a tremendous amount of effort into helping us make this conference a success. Without them, the conference might not even have been able to run! We would also like to thank Mr. Jeff Plaman, Mr. Miles Beasley, Ms. Keri-Lee Beasley and Mr. Jabiz Raisdana for their continuous support and assistance throughout the organisation process.

We don’t want this letter to become too wordy, but here’s one last thing. We hope you enjoy participating in TechLIFE as much or even more than the amount of fun we have had organising it for you.

Hats off to you and have a great time at TechLIFE,

The TechLIFE 2013 Organising Committee

I think that even after the conference, this letter still manages to get our message across. But what I'd still like to say is how much we appreciate all the student participants for coming down to TechLIFE to share the excitement (and constant energy) throughout the conference.

I will be posting more about how the conference went as photos, media and comments come through, so stay tuned!

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