Sunday, 21 April 2013


Nature. What a broad open topic. As children growing up in the buzzing urban cityscapes, nature is often neglected. But isn't that where we all started off? Human beings sure did not begin in cities full of skyscrapers and paved roads. So a question that I actually have been thinking about for quite some time now is; why and how did some of us come to become so detached from our roots?

From talking to some people, I have found that nature is quickly becoming an obligation instead of a luxury. We are cutting down forests to expand our ever-growing and overpopulating cities, and when we go and experience real nature, we feel awkward and a sense of un-belonging. So our solution? Build artificial nature where we can get rid of the guilt of killing plants and trees, but experience it in a air-conditioned enclosure with walls, pavements and other forms of human development. I'm not saying that that is bad or anything, but if you think about it, does that really count as nature?

I don't want this to become too much of a rant, and it may sound ironic of me saying this through technology, but sometimes I wonder, how have we become so detached from nature?

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